Supported by the Emerige Group, L’Atlas is an exhibition space in the heart of the new nighborhood La Félicité, which proposes to invite foreign galleries to present one or more artists from international contemporary scenes.


16.03.23 — 13.05.23


Belgrade, Serbie

44°0’N / 21°0’W


HESTIA (gr. /ˈhɛstiə/, Ἑστία – “hearth, fireplace, altar”): in ancient Greek religion and mythology, Goddess of hearth, domesticity, architecture, family and the state. As an independent visual arts space we operate at the crossroad of a commercial gallery and an art residency which includes an extensive library for our residents and visitors. We (re)present emerging and established artists, whose research and work stems mainly from the fields of ethnography, anthropology,… (Read more)



4, cour de l'Île Louviers 75004

Wednesday—Saturday, 12pm—7pm

Sunday, 12pm—5pm, or by appointment

Free entrance