Dérives en péninsule and Que je naisse, tout doux, semant

23.05.23 — 22.07.23

Selebe Yoon

Dakar, Sénégal

14°0’N / -14°0’W


Exhibition view, Que je naisse, tout doux, semant, Arébénor Basséne with Selebe Yoon gallery, L'Atlas, 2023.

An invitation to the Senegalese gallery and artist’s residency Selebe Yoon, presenting a twofold programme spread over the two floors of L’Atlas: a solo exhibition by Senegalese artist Arébénor Basséne entitled Que je naisse, tout doux, semant and the group show Dérives en péninsule, which brings together the work of four artists whose works bear witness to displacements induced by various political, social and urban conditions: Younes Baba-Ali (b. 1986, Morocco), Mbaye Diop (b. 1981, Senegal), Hamedine Kane (b. 1983, Mauritania) and Naomi Lulendo (b.1994, France).


Situated in Dakar city center, Selebe Yoon is a residency and gallery that supports local and international artists and thinkers. In Wolof, “selebe yoon” means the crossroad, the place where different paths intersect. As a site of convergence for interdisciplinary research and practices, Selebe Yoon is supportive of artists’ creative process, artistic experimentations and encourages dialogues amongst artists and cultural actors.

  1. With Arébénor Basséne, Younes Baba-Ali, Mbaye Diop, Hamedine Kane & Naomi Lulendo


Screening and Q&A with Hamedine Kane

Selebe Yoon

  1. Croisement Rue Parchappe & Rue Salva, Dakar, Sénégal
  2. +221 78 103 34 85
  3. www.fr.selebe-yoon.com
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16.03.23 — 13.05.23


Belgrade, Serbie

44°0’N / 21°0’W

Exhibition view, Intimate/Outspoken, with Hestia gallery, L'Atlas, 2023. Photo : Rebecca Fanuele

HESTIA (gr. /ˈhɛstiə/, Ἑστία – “hearth, fireplace, altar”): in ancient Greek religion and mythology, Goddess of hearth, domesticity, architecture, family and the state. As an independent visual arts space we operate at the crossroad of a commercial gallery and an art residency which includes an extensive library for our residents and visitors. We (re)present emerging and established artists, whose research and work stems mainly from the fields of ethnography, anthropology, social sciences and history. Experiences and voices across different cultures and geographies give way for a vision on multiple worlds. Our mission is to create and put forward ways of thinking in the field of contemporary visual arts related to lesser known issues, geographies and peoples as well as the less canonic references, somehow away from the Western ideal and what is already very known.

  1. With Daniel G. Andújar, Patrick Hamilton, Radenko Milak, Marge Monko, Nefeli Papadimouli, Lala Raščić & Ana Vujović


  1. Belgrade, Serbie
  2. www.hestiabelgrade.com
  1. Press release (in French)

Abracadabra and It’s Only Achille’s Heel That’s Left Alive

12.01.23 — 04.03.23


Kyiv, Ukraine

49°0’N / 32°0’W

Exhibition view, Pages From Abracadabra, Pavlo Makov, with The Naked Room gallery, L'Atlas, 2022. Photo : Rebecca Fanuele

L’Atlas invites Ukrainian gallery The Naked Room to present a double programme, spread over the two floors of the gallery: a solo exhibition of Pavlo Makov’s recent series Abracadabra and an exhibition entitled It’s Only Achille’s Heel That’s Left Alive, which brings together the work of five young female Ukrainian artists: Katya Buchatska, Lucy Ivanova, Katya Libkind,
Kateryna Lysovenko and Olga Sabko.


After curating the Ukrainian Pavilion with Fountain of Exhaution. Acqua Alta by Pavlo Makov at the 59th Venice Biennale 2022, The Naked Room presents the artist’s first solo exhibition in Paris at L’Atlas. His series Abracadabra is a book in the making where black and white engravings serve as text and coloured drawings as inserts. By reversing the scale of urban labyrinths and cultivated plants, the artist invites us to reflect on the current state of societies governed by technology and proposes a subversive point of view to the anthropocentric one in which plants are fragile and small compared to stable, immutable and immense human constructions.

In parallel, the group exhibition It’s Only Achilles’ Heel That’s Left Alive – a reference to the legendary Greek warrior whose heel was the only point of vulnerability – combines the work of five young Ukrainian artists ranging from painting and drawing to sculpture and video. Katya Libkind’s vulnerability and bodily taboos; the uncertainty, fragility and ephemerality of Olga Sabko’s sculptures; Katya Buchatska’s deconstructed perspectives and shifted perceptions; Lucy Ivanova’s powerful narration of intimate experiences; and Kateryna Lysovenko’s empathetic
portrayal of contemporary destinies: The exhibition invites us to discover a generation of artists, a generation of women born in Ukraine in the late 1980s and early 1990s, who through a scrupulous examination of the world around them sometimes reflect its poetry, sometimes its violence.


The Naked Room is a contemporary art gallery based in Kyiv. Their work is driven by rigorous curatorial programming and the aspiration for a legitimate art market for Ukrainian artists. Founded in 2018 in Kyiv by independent curators Lizaveta German and Maria Lanko and a Swiss filmmaker Marc Wilkins, it is dedicated to establishing a reasoned market presence for young Ukrainian artists.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the gallery continues to support the work of its artists, with various international exhibitions.

  1. With Pavlo Makov, Katya Buchatska, Lucy Ivanova, Katya Libkind, Kateryna Lysovenko & Olga Sabko


  1. Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. www.thenakedroom.com
  1. Press release

Cosa Mentale

09.11.22 — 23.12.22


Istanbul, Turquie

39°0’N / 35°0’W

Exhibition view, Cosa Mentale, Leylâ Gediz avec la galerie T H E P I L L ®, L'Atlas, 2022. Photo : Rebecca Fanuele

L’Atlas launches the second part of its programme of galleries from the international contemporary scene by inviting THE PILL® (Istanbul). On this occasion, the Turkish gallery presents for the first time in France a solo exhibition by the artist Leylâ Gediz, which brings together recent works spanning from paintings to video and site-specific interventions and explores the artist’s ongoing research on contemporary painting, embracing notions such as displacement by addressing them through the lens of her personal life broadened to collective narratives. Intrigued by the shifts of diasporic beings across the world, Leylâ Gediz is devoted to expanding the field of painting, its settings, and its audiences.

On this occasion, Gediz will display a group of new works that reflect on the possibilities of being unrooted stemming from her personal experience of coming from Istanbul and living in Lisbon. Leylâ Gediz is an archaeologist of every day fragments excavating the emotions they emanate. These fragments are played out by random, found, mundane yet useful objects, humans close to her heart, light and shadow humans and objects cast on each other, their – sometimes awkward – volume in space, memories and stories they trigger. They come from different backgrounds, from different moments in time to be masterfully carved out of their literal and metaphorical backgrounds. How they build each other anew in relation within the particular space of still life painting is humble, precise and magical at the same time. They are too real to be unreal, hovering in that fragile zone between fiction and non-fiction. «Affected perspective» may be a useful term for the humble magic Leylâ Gediz enacts in her new series of paintings realised in her studio in Lisbon; where she relocated together with her family a few years ago. In this exhibition, the artist continues to explore her desire to create a new space for open constellations in her work, to take a serene and critical distance towards what she has produced in Istanbul in two decades and to surprise herself in the first place with new constellations of old and fresh fragments.




Leylâ Gediz (born 1974 in Istanbul, Turkey) lives and works in Lisbon. She graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL (London, 1998) and Goldsmiths College (London, 1999). She has been exhibited in Istanbul, Los Angeles, Zurich, Helsinki and Amsterdam. Gediz is prominent in Turkey for her innovative research on painting as a contemporary practice. She is considered one of the major figures of the Turkish scene. Her work has been widely exhibited and is part of prestigious public and private collections such as Istanbul Modern, Arter (Istanbul), ARCO Foundation (Spain) and Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven).


THE PILL ® is a contemporary art gallery based in the historic peninsula of Istanbul near the Golden Horn. Founded in 2016 by Suela J.Cennet, the gallery functions as an international platform representing local and international artists. Initially envisioned as a mobile project space by its founder, it aims to create a fertile environment for multidisciplinary contemporary art, increase the visibility of the Turkish scene and enable relevant dialogue in the local context by increasing collaborations with other institutions in the region. and around the world, and by inviting international artists to think about their practice or experiment in a new territory.

In the autumn of 2022, the publishing house JBE Books published a book entitled NEW ART SCALES to mark the gallery’s sixth anniversary.

  1. With Leylâ Gediz


  1. Istanbul, Turquie
  2. www.thepill.co
  1. Communiqué de presse

Fondu Ré-enchaîné

08.09.22 — 23.10.22

Marfa’ Projects

Beyrouth, Liban

33°49’N / 35°49’W

Marfa’ gallery gathers the works of five artists in the exhibition Fondu Ré-enchaîné: Tamara Al-Samerraei’s and Omar Fakhoury’s paintings, Rania Stephan’s videos, Caline Aoun’s carbon paper casts and Raed Yassin’s photographs.

Marfa’ works with local and regional artists to produce and present idea-based projects that engage with Beirut’s diverse contemporary art scene. The gallery was founded by Joumana Asseily in 2015 and builds on her deep links with the city’s independent non-profit art scene. The gallery is located in two garages near the customs house in the Marfa’ neighborhood, which means port in Arabic. Beirut’s port has long been one of the foundations of the city’s economic life, a key transit point for goods and information between Lebanon and the world.

Active on the international scene, the gallery participates in major fairs such as Art Basel (Basel), Frieze (London), FIAC and Paris + by Art Basel (Paris), Artissima (Turin) among others.

  1. With Tamara Al-Samerraei, Caline Aoun, Omar Fakhoury, Rania Stephan & Raed Yassin

Marfa’ Projects

  1. Beyrouth, Liban
  2. www.marfaprojects.com
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Prélude, inaugural exhibition of L’Atlas

24.06.22 — 14.08.22


Paris, France

46°0’N / 2°0’W

Initiated by the Emerige real estate group at the heart of its flagship Morland Mixité Capitale programme, L’Atlas, galerie des mondes unveils its space for the first time, with an exhibition bringing together four artists whose works have been commissioned and installed in the neighbouring hotel. One hundred and eighteen photograms by Thomas Fougeirol, two marble marquetry works by Alice Guittard, a ceramic work by Elsa Sahal and a monumental resin piece by Neïl Beloufa make up the SO/Paris collection. These works mark the beginning of the artistic history of this new neighbourhood, which will be continued by L’Atlas from next September, with a programme dedicated to the international scene.


For this inaugural exhibition, Laurent Dumas, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, wanted to associate these four artists and their galleries with a cause dear to the Emerige Group, the Racines d’Enfance association, whose mission is to support the education and health of children in Africa. A portion of the sale price of the works of art will be donated to the association for the creation of a new school in the Ivory Coast.

  1. With Neïl Beloufa, Thomas Fougeirol, Alice Guittard & Elsa Sahal


  1. 4 cour de l’Île Louviers, Paris, France
  2. www.latlasparis.com
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