Supported by the Emerige Group, L’Atlas is an exhibition space in the heart of the new neighborhood La Félicité, which proposes to invite foreign galleries, foundations, or institutions to present one or more artists from the international contemporary scene. At 4 cour de l’Île Louviers (4th arrondissement), L’Atlas, galerie des mondes invites international galleries, foundations, or institutions to exhibit one or more artists from contemporary scenes that are underrepresented in France. In partnership with these major stakeholders in the world of contemporary art abroad, L’Atlas proposes an original and innovative model: a joint curation of the 5 annual exhibitions by Emerige’s art projects Director Paula Aisemberg and the invited partner. These exhibitions come with a cultural programme (conferences, meetings, readings, screenings, or concerts) and educational visits or workshops aimed at a wide audience. L’Atlas allows its partners to set up a branch in the heart of the Parisian capital for two months, in line with the calendar of major artistic events (fairs, biennials, etc.). L’Atlas is an open door to the world, a showcase for the most dynamic private or public actors and a meeting place for artists, professionals, and the general public.

L’Atlas is part of the Emerige Group’s ambitious programme of support for the contemporary art scene, with a programme focused mainly on international artists.

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