Fondu Ré-enchaîné

08.09.22 — 23.10.22

Marfa’ Projects

Beyrouth, Liban

33°49’N / 35°49’W


Marfa’ gallery gathers the works of five artists in the exhibition Fondu Ré-enchaîné: Tamara Al-Samerraei’s and Omar Fakhoury’s paintings, Rania Stephan’s videos, Caline Aoun’s carbon paper casts and Raed Yassin’s photographs.

Marfa’ works with local and regional artists to produce and present idea-based projects that engage with Beirut’s diverse contemporary art scene. The gallery was founded by Joumana Asseily in 2015 and builds on her deep links with the city’s independent non-profit art scene. The gallery is located in two garages near the customs house in the Marfa’ neighborhood, which means port in Arabic. Beirut’s port has long been one of the foundations of the city’s economic life, a key transit point for goods and information between Lebanon and the world.

Active on the international scene, the gallery participates in major fairs such as Art Basel (Basel), Frieze (London), FIAC and Paris + by Art Basel (Paris), Artissima (Turin) among others.


  1. Tamara Al-Samerraei
  2. Caline Aoun
  3. Omar Fakhoury
  4. Rania Stephan
  5. Raed Yassin

Marfa’ Projects

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