16.03.23 — 13.05.23


Belgrade, Serbie

44°0’N / 21°0’W


HESTIA (gr. /ˈhɛstiə/, Ἑστία – “hearth, fireplace, altar”): in ancient Greek religion and mythology, Goddess of hearth, domesticity, architecture, family and the state. As an independent visual arts space we operate at the crossroad of a commercial gallery and an art residency which includes an extensive library for our residents and visitors. We (re)present emerging and established artists, whose research and work stems mainly from the fields of ethnography, anthropology, social sciences and history. Experiences and voices across different cultures and geographies give way for a vision on multiple worlds. Our mission is to create and put forward ways of thinking in the field of contemporary visual arts related to lesser known issues, geographies and peoples as well as the less canonic references, somehow away from the Western ideal and what is already very known.


  1. Daniel G. Andújar
  2. Patrick Hamilton
  3. Radenko Milak
  4. Marge Monko
  5. Nefeli Papadimouli
  6. Lala Raščić
  7. Ana Vujović


  1. Belgrade, Serbie
  1. Press release (in French)