Screening and Q&A with Hamedine Kane

Published on 25.05.23

Monday June 5 from 6pm to 9pm

Screening of The Blue House (2020) by Hamedine Kane, followed by a convesation with the director, Oulimata Gueye and Jennifer Bajorek


Through the intimate portrait of Alpha, a childhood friend of the director, La Maison Bleue questions the places of relegation, detention, uninhabitable that are the European migrant camps, here the Jungle of Calais. Exceptional territories where attempts at resistance nevertheless arise, such as the one set up by Alpha in his habitat-workshop project, a place where a poetics of relationship is constructed that defies the desolation of bodies and the violence of politics.

The Blue House, whether it is Alpha’s plastic work or Hamedine’s filmic work, constitutes a space within which the will to oppose assignments, designations and relegations is expressed. It is a journey between two paths, between two worlds. It is a journey to confront. It is a journey to put an end to flight.

“To flee is to be on the margins and to stick to them.’